PVC Sheeting

R305.00R1,792.00 Per Meter

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PVC Sheeting

Included in our range of PVC Products is the PVC Sheeting which offers a wide selection of qualities and possibilities. It is cost-efficient and can be recycled over and over again.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is one of the oldest and most commonly used plastics, No other plastic offers so many different qualities and possibilities, it is very economical and can be recycled many times over. No other plastic has been studied so intensively to guarantee its safety.

Granulates of PVC compound are obtained by blending PVC resin, plasticizers and specific additives to combine flexibility, stability and other required qualities. Granules are extruded and formed into strips and sheets.

The 1mm fine vinyl is crystal clear, which is perfect for creating protection screens for sales counters, reception desks or partitions protecting personnel and the public.


  • Easy to clean
  • Non-toxic to human and environment
  • Recyclable
  • Water and airtight
  • Resistant to impact and tearing and chemicals
  • UV resistant
  • Fire resistant


  • Industrial Flexible Doors
  • Factory Partitions
  • Warehouse Partitions
  • Protective Screen
  • Machine Covers and Protectors

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1000mm x 7mm, 1200mm x 2mm, 1200mm x 3mm, 1200mm x 5mm, 1200mm x 7mm, 1500mm x 1mm, 1500mm x 2mm, 1500mm x 3mm, 1500mm x 5mm, 1500mm x 7mm, 1400mm x 1mm

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