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Maxiflex’s capabilities now extended to underground ventilation mine doors

14 June 2019

Maxiflex is proud to introduce an innovative and robust range of underground ventilation mine doors to valued customers in Southern Africa’s mining sector.

Mine sustainability hinges not only on meeting production levels but also on maintaining high safety standards. Subsequently, this industry is relentless in its efforts to find solutions to create an ever-safer working environment. The underground ventilation mine doors are manufactured by global mine door solutions specialist, USA-based American Mine Door. Thanks to their unique design, the door wings open in opposite directions, enhancing safety, efficiency and productivity.


Maxiflex’s MaxiDock AP takes docking solutions to the next level

23 May 2019

Maxiflex has gained a stellar reputation for offering state-of-the-art industrial door and loading dock solutions to the Sub-Sahara African market. Further extending its innovative docking equipment suite, the company recently launched its locally designed, MaxiDock AP, a robust Air Powered dock leveller that connects the building with the vehicle and allows for quick and efficient loading and unloading.


Maximise energy efficiency with Maxiflex’s new overhead sectional door

30 November 2018

Given South Africa’s current recessionary economic climate with slow growth predictions for 2019-20, a weak currency and upward pressures on inflation, improving efficiencies and reducing costs across-the-board has become part of most businesses’ budgetary landscape to ensure future sustainability.


Maxiflex delivers sweet door solutions to leading Eastern Cape citrus fruit company

IMG_447529 August 2018

Maxiflex’s reputation as a purveyor of world-class quality door solutions and services was instrumental in securing an order for an overhead panel sectional door from a leading citrus fruit handling company situated in the Eastern Cape.

The customer required a specialised door solution for their new 11 000m2 warehouse with a capacity of handling tons of citrus produce every hour. A superior quality door solution was essential as product handling in and out of the warehouse must be swift to maintain the facility’s interior temperature in order to reduce the risk of costly produce spoilage and losses.


Taking it to the max with versatile door solutions for the distribution industry from Maxiflex


14 August 2018

Maxiflex offers a comprehensive range of industrial door and loading dock solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of the distribution and logistics industry. As the exclusive Sub-Sahara Africa distributor of ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, Maxiflex’s product portfolio for storage and loading dock applications include docking equipment such as swing lip dock levellers and curtain dock shelters, load-houses, overhead sectional doors, high-speed door systems and PVC strip curtains.

The seamless distribution of goods from the source to the final destination requires careful planning and management at the point of loading and offloading. The entry and exit points through which the goods are moved are normally large; alongside the admission of wind, dust, insects and birds, internally controlled hot or cold air escape through these portals driving up electricity bills or causing product damage. Rugged, efficient and reliable door systems are therefore a critical link in the distribution chain.


Stacking up the benefits! Maxiflex introduces the new Stackdoor security grille


14 August 2018

Maxiflex is proud to introduce Stackdoor®, a completely unique and innovative certified security door solution that combines robustness, high safety specifications, efficiency and optimum security in a neat, compact and flexible package.

Manufactured in The Netherlands, Stackdoor’s ground-breaking stackable, strong, lightweight construction sets it apart from any other rolling door, security door, open security grille and speed gate currently available in the market. As the name implies, the door stacks rather than rolls, delivering a host of advantages.


High-speed door solutions from Maxiflex are cool!

Makro Riversands RR200High-speed roll-up doors from Maxiflex are helping to maintain constant temperatures inside the cold storage and refrigeration areas of Makro Riversands and Makro Springfield located in Gauteng and Kwazulu-Natal (KZN) respectively.

“Makro Riversands is a brand new store that opened its doors at the end of November 2017 while Makro Springfield was recently renovated,” says Maxiflex Maxiflex Managing Director, Bram Janssen. Discussing the application, Janssen explains that products are stored in a cold room before being moved to a drop temperature area and then finally out into the store. “Two high-speed doors were required for each Makro store.”


Red docking doors

Doors & PVC Strip Curtains: Don’t get left out in the cold this winter!

“Allow us to maintain your doors and PVC strip curtains  service requirements before winter is here so that you can focus on your core business,” advises Bram Janssen, Managing Director of Door and Loading Dock Solutions specialist, Maxiflex.

There are both safety and cost saving arguments around the regular servicing of doors and PVC strip curtains. Even the best quality, most robust and well-engineered doors and strip curtains require regular servicing and maintenance. Irrespective of the industry, a defective door or broken or scratched strip curtain can present unsafe working conditions, lead to reduced productivity and production losses as well as replacement or repair costs. Regular service and maintenance is key when it comes down to ensuring doors stay in good safe working order and function optimally and that strip curtains efficiently control the internal climate. more…

Chill out with Maxiflex at FRIGAIR 2018


“With cold chain forming the biggest part of our industry, Frigair presents us with the perfect platform to showcase our range of product solutions specifically tailored to freezer and cold storage environments,” says Bram Janssen, Managing Director of Maxiflex, South Africa’s market leader in loading dock equipment.

Maintaining temperatures in the refrigeration and cold storage environments is particularly  challenging in South Africa given its extreme climate variations. Product spoilage caused by  large temperature variations is extremely costly for end-users. “So when it comes to the sustainable control of the interior climate of cold storage and refrigerated areas there simply  can be no compromise,” states Janssen.


Maxiflex high-speed door solutions – food for thought

HS9020_GHY[1][1]Door and loading dock solutions specialist, Maxiflex, is proud to introduce the new ASSA ABLOY HS9020GHY high-speed interior door designed specifically for corrosive and humid environments as well as for the food processing industry with its typically stringent hygiene demands.

“By effectively keeping out drafts, dust, dirt as well as humidity, these high-speed doors create the necessary hygienic, comfortable and safe working environment and contribute to improved productivity in the workspace,” notes Maxiflex Managing Director, Bram Janssen.


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