Strip Curtains

A strip curtain is a cost-effective barrier that can be used in any industrial workplace. PVC strip curtains help you save energy, they keep areas clean and they help you save time when transporting equipment.

The versatility of PVC strip curtains makes them popular in many industrial workplaces.

The economical solution for enclosing all internal and external apertures. Transparent strips formulated from a PVC compound, designed to combine high clarity with mechanical strength due to an outstanding degree of flexibility. The clear strips will not interfere with natural light and will allow unlimited access to vehicles and pedestrians under conditions from +60° to -45°.

Available in ribbed or flat material and in various widths and thicknesses (200 x 2mm, 300 x 3mm and 400 x4mm).

The strips are mounted to specially designed mounting brackets.



  • Eliminates draughts
  • Energy conservation
  • Reduction in heat/cold loss
  • Containment of dust
  • Noise reduction
  • Improved working environment
  • Insect/bird/rodent barrier
  • Protection from sparks and splashes


  • Cold/freezer room doors
  • Storage area enclosures
  • Personnel doors
  • Factory entrances
  • Conveyor openings
  • Factory partitionings
  • Spray booths
  • Overhead crane-way openings
  • Ventilation brattices

Benefits of strip curtains:

  • They help you manage noise levels – Strip curtains let you create partitions in noisy work spaces.
  • They help you keep areas clean – PVC strip curtains reduce the amount of dust in the area.
  • They provide efficiency – Strip curtains are easier to use than traditional doors which need to be opened, passed through and then closed.
  • They are effective – Freezer units are less susceptible to less wear due to the energy control freezer strip curtains offer.
  • They are energy-efficient – Strip curtains can control the temperature in certain workplaces.