Stackdoor is the safest security grille

Through continuous innovation Stackdoor is the highest certified security grille recognised by insurers for façade and entrance. With the latest RC resistance class certificate (RC2/RC3) Stackdoor surpasses all other open security grilles. Hence Stackdoor security grille is applicable in circumstances where security level 4 and 5 is required.





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Product Description

Unique Features, Reusable/Movable Designs

Our mine door wings open in opposite directions. This unique, balanced design feature allows our mine doors to withstand many inches of water gauge pressure. The same air pressure that assists the door in opening also assists it in closing. Consequently, air pressure is equalized. Ramp slope effects are cancelled as one door wing operating downhill aids the other wing uphill. Due to the equal force principal, our mine doors can be installed in almost any slope application to assure maximum lifetime value. Our mine doors are reusable, and can be moved from one location to another.

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