Protection screens

Protection Screens

Protects personnel from sparks, splashes and welding flash. Formulated from a blue/bronze PVC that removes 99.9% UV in welding applications to ensure optical safety to people not directly involved in operation. Excellent two-way vision through the near transparent strips allows for maximum visibility needed for safety and supervisory reasons.

Available in various widths and thicknesses (200 x 2mm, 300 x 3mm and 400 x4mm).

The strips are mounted to specially designed mounting brackets.

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Product Description

  • removes 99.9% UV in welding applications
  • available as a fully assembled or kit-form 2m wide x 2m high screen with or without wheels and bronze/blue strips or yellow sheets
  • Safety – Welding curtains protect individuals who have to operate welding machines.
  • Easy to install and replace – Industrial curtains are very easy to install and replace, should the need arise.
  • They provide protection from welding sparks and fumes – Curtains prevent welding sparks and welding fumes from injuring welding machine operators.
  • They reduce noise levels – Curtains reduce a lot of noises that welding works produce.
  • You can create partitions – Welding curtains are easy to rearrange and you can separate the welding section from the rest of your work space.


  • welding safety screen
  • noise reduction screen
  • grinding screen
  • wind barrier


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