Welding Strip

Welding PVC has been specifically designed to protect people from dangerous radiation and projection from hot metal during welding.

The welding PVC complies with international standards and regulations for “Health and Safety in Welding” (ISO 25980, EN 1598 in Europe and AWS F2.3 in USA).

Welding vinyl is a product/solution to ensure safety and adhere to regulations. Welding PVC can be part of a fixed or mobile partition for all welding areas such as automatic welding chains, welding shops, engineering factories, outside operations and welding in public areas.


PVC Strip sizes 200mm x 2mm
Certification European Standard, EN1598
International Standard, ISO 25980
Min/Max operating temperatures -15℃  –  + 50℃
Colours Red, Green
Features Filters all the dangerous light from arc welding
Fireproof to protect people, equipment & buildings
Provides protection as partial sight barrier against ultra light and blue light radiation in welding applications
Welding red vinyl is the most transparent welding product in the world
Easy to replace
Easy to clean

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