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With burglaries of stores inside malls in SA on the rise it’s vital to protect tenants and their goods from these incidents without losing the aesthetics of the façade and visibility of the merchandise in the store.
Security = deters potential break-in or looting = peace-of-mind ✔️
Visibility = window shoppers can still view all products on display while being fully secured ✔️
Attractive = very sleek compact design ✔️
Flexible = can be installed around corners and revolving doors ✔️

Ideal for retailers for their shopfront doors and windows and mall entrances and exits.

  • Stackdoor

    Stackdoor is the safest security grille

    Through continuous innovation Stackdoor is the highest certified security grille recognised by insurers for façade and entrance. With the latest RC resistance class certificate (RC2/RC3) Stackdoor surpasses all other open security grilles. Hence Stackdoor security grille is applicable in circumstances where security level 4 and 5 is required.





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