High Speed Doors for Freezer Applications

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Albany HS9010FPRFoodborne illness remains a foremost concern for the food industry. Maintaining strict temperature controls within food storage environments is necessary to extend the life of perishable food products, reducing spoilage and associated health risks to the consumer. Foods stored for an extended period within the recognised temperature ‘danger zone’ – between 5°C and 60°C – can quickly become unsafe for human consumption.

The entry door plays a critical role in maintaining safe storage temperatures for food products. As the only opening to and from the storage unit, temperatures can easily fluctuate when doors are improperly installed, unfit for purpose or regularly opened. A well-insulated cold storage room is necessary to keep temperatures stable and inhibit the growth of harmful foodborne pathogens. Poor insulation, particularly around entrance points, remains one of the most common ways for heat to infiltrate the storage environment; this will not only result in a decrease in the consumable life of cold-stored food products, but will also see a dramatic increase in cooling costs and create marked safety hazards for workers.

Maxiflex Door Systems introduces the high-quality solution from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems that meets or exceeds these critical requirements. The Albany HS9010PFR, a high speed door for freezer environments, allowing efficient traffic flow while minimising temperature variations.

The high operating speed and excellent seal optimise the internal traffic flow and provide energy savings. The door can be set to open every 20-25 minutes to avoid buildup of ice on side guides and curtain. Heating cables in the side columns and motor help prevent this ice-formation. The unique direct door drive system eliminates the need for weighted bottom bars or tension system by actively driving the door curtain.

The robust steel, IP54 classified, is easy to operate and to program, and the mechanical main switch and emergency stop make it fool proof. The clear display gives a wide range of information like an easy to read cycle counter.  To increase the admission of daylight and visibility, the door curtain can be equipped with windows or vision panels.

Albany High Speed Doors are equipped with a break away and automatic repair system. The curtain reintroduces itself after a crash to reduce downtime and maintenance.Features that make the Albany High Speed Doors completely safe are that the soft bottom edge has no rigid parts, it moulds around any obstruction preventing injury or damage. When an object hits the door, the fabric curtain absorbs the impact and releases itself from its side guides without causing damage or being damaged itself.

Maxiflex Door Systems is sole distributor for Albany in Southern Africa. Making these high-quality, high performance doors available to our market. There are High Speed Doors available for various specific applications, including the food industry, clean rooms, warehousing and other manufacturing industries.

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