Electra Mining Africa 2016

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IMG_3405Since its inception more than 42 years ago, Electra Mining Africa has grown to become one of the largest mining and industrial exhibitions in the world.

It can be described as a mega event that has a proven record as a successful platform for driving sales, sales leads and building brand awareness.

Billions of Rands worth of machinery and equipment is showcased across the over 38,000m2 of exhibition floor space.

Thousands of visitors from all over South Africa, SADC and the rest of Africa, South America, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia attend Electra Mining Africa. For many exhibitors it is seen as a gateway into Africa for further business expansion.

The Southern African mining industry is well over a century old but the industry is still not fully tapped, albeit that mining is becoming more challenging as resources are deeper, more geologically complex and more remote.Virtually everything in our modern world has its origins in mining. Almost everything has some mineral in it that was mined somewhere. So this is not a waning industry. There is still major opportunity.

Electra Mining Africa is the forum for highlighting the technological sophistication of the sector and South Africa’s globally strategic position in this arena. It is a conduit for successful business transactions.

Excerpt from: http://www.electramining.co.za/ 

Maxiflex will be exhibiting

  • Albany RR1000 High performance rubber door
  • Megadoor Vertical lifting fabric door
  • Strip curtains

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