All Plastic Materials Are Not Created Equal

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plastic materialsLike any product, plastic materials have impacts on the Earth’s energy resources and the environment. To assess these impacts, plastics eco-profile studies use the gross energy required to produce them. This includes all gross primary fuels used as energy or raw materials and all energy resources consumed all along the production process.  Plastic materials have very different gross energy requirements, as well as different gas emissions according to the plastic being produced, leading to very different impacts on earth’s resources and the environment.

Flexible PVC and sound reduction

People are often exposed to noise in the working environment. A loud working environment can lead to workers tiredness, communication misunderstanding and exposure to high sound levels for long periods is harmful.


Maxiflex Door Systems offers flexible PVC, which due to its softness is a very efficient noise absorber. PVC strip curtains and sheets are often used as noise insulators in factories, around machines, and can be used as doors or curtains separating front and back office in supermarkets and shops. They lead to protect workers in industrial and noisy environments, increase people’s comfort and make communication efficient.

Plastic materials and thermal insulation

Flexible PVC is a very strong thermal insulator, one of the best insulating plastics. It is water and air tight, qualities that are usually required in insulation applications. Due to its low thermal conductivity, flexible PVC leads to high thermal energy savings, reducing energy costs. Making the correct choice in material is essential where energy costs are rising and where energy resources need to be preserved.

Plastic materials and UV stabalisers

Maxiflex Door Systems uses PVC strips and sheeting that are UV stabalised, ensuring durability. UV sun radiation can break down polymer chemical bonds, degrading its mechanical performances and transparency. This can be largely delayed by adding UV stabalisers into the material. UV stabalisers inhibit polymer degradation by absorbing and dissipating harmful radiations and make flexible PVC strips very durable.

Plastic materials and plasticisers

Soft Vinyl is a complex material, where plasticizers within the basic formulas give softness or flexibility.

Phthalates have been used for many years and are still present today in the manufacturing process around

the world. Phthalates have received some negative comments concerning the impact on human health and

the environment. In order to escape the controversies regarding phthalates’, there have been developments

in a completely innovative NON-PHTHALATE SOFT VINYL RANGE. Already used in children’s toys, the medical industry and in food contact material and devices. Maxiflex Door Systems has PVC Strips and sheeting available made with this unique non-phthalate plasticizer, which is guaranteed to be the safest soft vinyl on the current market.

The Flexible PVC from Maxiflex Door Systems is of the highest quality. It is made to high standards, making it a safe, environmentally friendly, ecological, recyclable and durable product.


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