Big Doors for Big Trucks 2

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kumbaMining: Sishen Mine, Kumba Iron Ore

Door Installation

The bulk of Kumba’s iron ore production comes from Sishen mine, located in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province near the mining town of Kathu.

Opened in 1947, Sishen mine is Kumba’s flagship operation and one of the largest open-pit mines in the world. It operates 24/7 and in 2011 produced 38,9 million tonnes (Mtpa) of iron ore.

Life of Mine. The Project Name given depicts accurately what this project is about. The Haul Trucks used to transport all the iron ore including over burden is ultimately “the life of the mine” and therefore a great need developed to insure a proper facility to repair and maintain these “Huge Monsters”

Critical Issues:

Doors that are reliable and need minimum maintenance were required. If doors are difficult to operate, unsafe or problematic they can create a dirty environment, cause injury or downtime.

Environmental control:
Extremely high temperatures and high wind speeds create significant airborne dust. This requires a building with positive sealing qualities.

Maxiflex Door Systems provided:

  • 17 x Megadoor S1000
    • 16 x 12,960mm W x 10,195mm H
    • 1 x 12,960mm W x 6,766mm H


  • Provide a safe and comfortable working environment.
  • Rugged design to handle the most extreme conditions, making these doors robust and reliable with very little downtime
  • Keeping critical components dust free, insuring better repair and installation of components to haul trucks and overall reducing the breakdown turnaround time.

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