All Plastic Materials Are Not Created Equal


plastic materialsLike any product, plastic materials have impacts on the Earth’s energy resources and the environment. To assess these impacts, plastics eco-profile studies use the gross energy required to produce them. This includes all gross primary fuels used as energy or raw materials and all energy resources consumed all along the production process.  Plastic materials have very different gross energy requirements, as well as different gas emissions according to the plastic being produced, leading to very different impacts on earth’s resources and the environment.

Flexible PVC and sound reduction

People are often exposed to noise in the working environment. A loud working environment can lead to workers tiredness, communication misunderstanding and exposure to high sound levels for long periods is harmful.


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High Speed Doors for Freezer Applications


Albany HS9010FPRFoodborne illness remains a foremost concern for the food industry. Maintaining strict temperature controls within food storage environments is necessary to extend the life of perishable food products, reducing spoilage and associated health risks to the consumer. Foods stored for an extended period within the recognised temperature ‘danger zone’ – between 5°C and 60°C – can quickly become unsafe for human consumption.

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