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Impact Doors

Impact Doors for high traffic areas, operate on a torsion spring mechanism, that opens with a gentle push and closes automatically

  • Impact doors


    The ideal door where privacy into restricted areas and appearance are major considerations.

    Each 13mm thick, rigid, stress relieved, sanitised, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) panel is mounted in a one-piece continuous frame and will have a clear safety window.

  • Impact doors

    Duralite Doors

    The Duralite Industrial Extra Heavy Duty Insulated Impact Door is designed for use in places where man-ridden vehicles are used to transport goods from one area to another.

    Good for all pedestrian, cart or motorised man-ridden traffic in dry storage, refrigerated or washdown environments.

    Renowned for their light weight construction of durable material and a long service life, the Duralite door has been designed to handle the toughest abuse and open easily, operate smoothly and close under their own weight allowing for safe damage-free passage of personnel and equipment.

  • Impact doors

    Swingflex Doors

    • The Flexible Impact door offers value at an economical price.
    • Improve the work place enviroment by preventing draughts from outside
    • Reduce Energy costs
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